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MDT YourCube

The Social Service Time (MDT) is an initiative of the government and several (social) organizations. The MDT gives all young people, regardless of their education, cultural background or disability, the opportunity to do something good for another and at the same time you discover your own talents. As an Ympactmaker you meet new people and make our society stronger!

You can follow your MDT with us. Together with you we look for volunteer work that fits your interests and qualities. For example, helping with homework, helping the elderly with their shopping, being a language buddy of a newcomer or organizing your own (online) activity!


Providing support to those that need it in Amsterdam

Besides connecting young people to social organizations, we also set up projects and activities to introduce young people to volunteer work in an accessible way. Every month you can participate in writing cards for Amsterdam residents, baking together for the elderly, a city cleanup or doing jobs outside on the nature playground Jeugdland. For more information:



of the future

Ympact020 inspires and activates young people to discover their talent and to use it for others. You too can make use of the talent of young people with your organization.

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van de toekomst

Ympact020 inspireert en activeert jongeren hun talent te ontdekken en in te zetten voor anderen. Ook jij kunt met jouw organisatie gebruik maken van het talent van jonge mensen.  

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Telefoon in geval van nood
Weke talen spreek je?
Ga je alleen of samen met anderen? Iedereen moet zich apart aanmelden. Het is niet zeker dat je bij elkaar geplaatst kunt worden, maar dan proberen we dat wel.
Hoe heb je van ons gehoord?

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Date of birth
Telephone in case of emergency
What languages do you speak?
Do you do this on your own? Everybody needs to register for themselves. It is not sure you can be placed together but we’ll try.
How did you hear about this event?


tijdens onderwijstijd

Wil jij jouw leerlingen kennis laten maken met vrijwilligerswerk in Amsterdam?  

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during school hours

Would you like to introduce your students to volunteering in Amsterdam?

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Voor alle jongeren in Amsterdam die iets goeds willen doen voor een ander!

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Find out who we are, what we do and what we offer.

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Over ons

Kom erachter wie we zijn, wat we doen en wat we bieden

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